Positions and Issues

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  • ->Act 250 – We need to reassess. It stifles business
  • ->Act 46 – Against
  • ->Large-scale Ridge-line Turbine farms – More control to the local communities – John is against the large ridgeline wind fams.
  • ->Constitutional Rights –  John believes that every right we have is dependent on the other rights. Compromise on one of them and we potentially compromise all of them.
  • ->John believes that we should stand up technology maker spaces at all of the state schools as a think tank and invention bed, that could make Vermont the next technology hub.
  • ->John believes we are highly taxed and we can not afford the “Carbon Tax“.
  • ->Minimum wage – Small business can’t afford it. John is against it.
  • ->John proposed the first legislation to resolve our problem with vehicle inspections. “Vehicle inspections should not fail because a sensor fails that tells me if my tires are soft or not. Most Vermonters drive used, second and third hand rigs, and many expensive non-safety related sensors are in their last stages of function.”

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